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Air Experience Flight Day

Flying Experience Day – The Ultimate Gift!

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Never flown an ultralight aircraft before?

Looking for a gift flight for a loved one?

Thinking about starting flying lessons? The answer is one of Cloudbase’s flying experiences!

What’s Included With Your Flying Lesson?

You will sit in the front seat of a CT microlight aircraft (pictured above) as we take-off from Redhill aerodrome and begin the trip of a lifetime. Take control under the instruction of one of our experienced pilots or simply sit back and enjoy the view!

There are 2 different flying presents to choose from. Once you’ve decided, click <Book now> so we can arrange a flight for you, or a loved one, on a day when the weather looks great!

60-Minute Air Experience

  • Pre-flight Briefing
  • In-flight Instrucion
    (you take control!)
  • 60-minute flight over the countryside

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most popular!

45-Minute Air Experience

  • Pre-flight Briefing
  • In-flight Instruction
  • 45-minute flight over the countryside

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So What Do You Get From Your Flying day?

Our flying adventures are a chance for you to feel the thrill of travelling at over 130mph overhead the Surrey, Sussex and Kent countryside!

We will try and tailor your flying present to suit you. Live closeby? We should be able to give you an aerial view of your house. Interested more in the flying? Then our instructor will give you the controls and guide you through some basic maneuvers. If you just want to soak up the sights; sit back and enjoy the flight!

If you do decide to carry on and start learning to fly, the time spent on your introductory flight can be logged and counts as part of your training. If you book your next lesson after we land, we will give you a FREE logbook to get your training off to a ‘flying’ start!

Frequently Asked Questions On Cloudbase’s Experience Days

We have tried to answer the more common questions we receive from people who visit Cloudbase, and who are interested in having the experience of a lifetime;

I'm really nervous about flying, is a Cloudbase flight a good thing to do?
We have flown many nervous passengers in the past 25 years. Our friendly and skilled instructors will put you at ease straight away, explaining everything that will happen on the day. The aircraft are very modern and safe, and we are sure that as soon as you are up in the are, you will relax and take in the breathtaking scenery. If you decide you do not want to take the flight at any point, we will refund the whole cost of the day.
What should I wear
This depends largely on the temperature. In the summer, usually a t-shirt is suffice with a light-weight jumper close at hand just in case you get cold. However in the winter, a heavy jumper might be a good idea. The aircraft does have a heater so you will not be that cold
I don't want to fly, I just want to enjoy the ride and look out the window
That’s fine. We do encourage everybody to have, at least a small go with the controls but our instructors will tailor the day to your wishes
Is there any age limits on people who can fly?
To get the most out of the trial flight, we recommend lower age-limit of 12 years old. There is no upper-age recommendation

A day with Cloudbase is action-packed and very rewarding so book one now online or ring us on 01737 474 118.

Here’s a great video for you filmed by Cloudbase’s friend Sue showing the CT aircraft in action and what you can expect from your day (with the British countryside added to the equation!)

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