Joe’s First Solo

Joe’s First Solo Circuit!

Hey! I’m Joe.

I’m 16 years old and currently a student pilot with Cloudbase Aviation.

I was first inspired to learn to fly when I was around 10 years old. My Uncle is a commercial pilot
but also flies a Cessna 172. He took me up for a local flight and after that it definitely triggered the
infamous “Flying Bug”. Anyway, fast forward 6 years to the Christmas just gone and my mother purchased a
“Air Experience” from Cloudbase Aviation.

We had to re-schedule the air experience flight a couple of times due to the bad weather over the Christmas period
but finally the day came!

Not quite sure what to expect, I met Phil and we went straight into it. We got into the plane, a Flight Design CTSW, and taxied over to the holding point to take off on Runway 25.
This was a temporary runway (the taxiway!) due to the waterlogged airfield and it bends so that was exciting. We were up in the air within seconds and after 5 minutes out to the East of the aerodrome, Phil gave me control of the aircraft.

Even though this was my first lesson, we went straight into the basic Syllabus (straight & level, turning, climbing and
descending). After an hour we were back on the ground and I had the biggest smile on my face!

I was hooked.

That same day I purchased 2 more air experience flights so that I could make sure learning to fly was the correct choice (and it was!). The 2nd flight, I went up with Will (EasyJet Co-Pilot) and I did the take off under a lot of instruction. The 3rd hour was the same out to the east for a local flight getting used to the aircraft and the local airspace.

After 3 hours of flying in the CTSW I knew I wanted to pursue private flying and I assessed my options. I seriously considered purchasing a block of 10 hours but after hearing all about the Cloudbase share-scheme, I ended up making
the choice to purchase a share in G-KUPP, so that I could benefit from much cheaper flying lessons and also have a great aircraft to carry on my flying after I get my licence. I’ve never looked back.
My flying cost went down to just £80 per hour compared to the standard £146 per hour.

Fast Forward 8 Months…… I am now flying solo! I have done 27 hours of flight training and 3 hours of that has been Solo.

I’m well on track to get my private pilot’s licence (I can’t get it until I’m 17). Cloudbase is supporting through my written examinations and by being part of the Cloudbase Club I have had a chance to go flying in a 1933 Stampe Bi-Plane doing some pretty extreme aerobatics!