For Sale – Flight Design CTSW!

Shares In CTSW For Sale

We’d like to introduce you all to the new addition to the Cloudbase fleet; G-KUPP, the CTSW. We are currently offering shares in this beautiful aircraft so come and take it for a test fly this weekend! For more information on the sharescheme, head to this page.

CTSW to buy

Cloudbase and the CTSW

All those years ago (1987 to be precise) when the flying club and school first started, we operated exclusively CFM Shadow aircraft. Although the Shadow was a great aircraft and very forgiving, spare parts became obsolete making them difficult to maintain.

For years we looked for the perfect replacement and finally, we’ve found it. The Flight-Design CT. We are delighted to announce we have added to our existing fleet with G-KUPP, the CTSW. With a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and many improvements to the CT2K, we hope our shareholders and students will love flying this fine aircraft.

It cruises at 120kts/135mph, boasts a massive endurance and has a transponder making it a great aircraft to visit airfields all over the UK and Europe.

For more information on the Flight-Design CT, visit our aircraft page.

Cloudbase CTSW For Sale

We are delighted to announce that we will be offering several more shares in G-KUPP, our CTSW. They are for sale for a price of £6500, and £99 per month.

This takes care of all the maintenance, hangar space and insurance, giving you you ultimate freedom to come and fly your aircraft whenever you want. Safe in the knowledge that it will be perfectly serviceable and itching to be flown! Not to mention the very useful help and support from the Cloudbase membership base.

Since being at Cloudbase, existing shareholders have flown the aircraft all over Europe and the UK. The range is phenomenal, and it’s comfort means you can fly some serious distance in it!

Arrange a flight in it today, and let us show it off to you!